Dairy free, fat free, wheat free, gluten free and gelatine free
They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Approx 1g carb per bean.
Beanaturals have all the great taste you’d expect from Jelly Belly, but the contain only natural flavours and colours. The beans are understandably a little paler than usual, but the taste is great! The box is only 45g which means you get about 41 jelly beans, but amazingly there is an assorted selection of 14 flavours in there! These are:

Plum • Lime • Tangerine • Strawberry Jam • Peach • Fruit Punch • Pineapple • Barbeque Banana • Cherry • Coconut • Orange • Passion Fruit • Lemon • Juicy Pear

As they are randomly assorted, there’s a small chance you might not get every flavour, however they are all delicious so don’t worry!


Product Stats
Edible contents weight: 45g
Total packaged weight: 52g
Width: 65mm
Depth: 17mm
Height: 81mm

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