Max’s Story

Max’s Story

On the 23rd of December 2020, Max became unwell. He was sick and couldn’t tolerate any more than 3 sips of water. I contacted his GP who said it would be ‘viral’ and to continue pushing fluids. 

On the 24th I contacted the GP yet again as Max had now developed a rash which they said could be a nappy rash infection. Antibiotic cream was prescribed but made no difference. Max was very sleepy this day, still very clingy. 

On 2 other occasions I made further contact to the GP but they said because he had been taking small sips and had wet nappies to give it another 24 hours – I was concerned that Max was becoming dehydrated. 

Max has a bottle of milk before bedtime at around 8pm. He was often up at least 7-8 times per night looking for more. We thought this was because we were trying to cut his bottles down. His nappies were getting changed more frequently throughout the night but he was drinking more this was to be expected. 

New Year morning we called out of hours. They were concerned about his nappy rash, I was thinking what could this be ? Meningitis ? We were asked to go to the hospital and as we arrived the nurse checked Max’s blood sugars, they were 28.7 and his ketones were 11.2! Little did we know our wee Max was in DKA – Diabetic Ketoacidosis. 40 minutes later, after blood tests they confirmed that Max was type 1 Diabetic at just 14 months old. I could not believe this. Max was very poorly and we were kept in for 6 days. 

Max has came on great but as he is so young he has no hypo awareness. We are currently carb counting to see how much insulin he needs. He gets 6 injections per day and countless numbers of blood sugar checks. 

He is waiting for an insulin pump to be fitted , hopefully within the next 2 weeks! 

Our wee superhero. 

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