Mens Zeropoint Hard Compression Performance Socks (Black)

Mens Zeropoint Hard Compression Performance Socks (Black)

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The ZeroPoint Intense socks combine cutting-edge technical features, high-quality materials and precisely targeted details for optimized compression. Intense Socks are created for intense, high-performance sports, activities and recovery. The Intense socks are also great for treatment and prevention of sport-related injuries, they can also help increase blood flow and enhance lymph circulation, prevent lower leg injury’s and reduce damage of soft tissues and so can really help in the management of foot care for anyone diagnosed with diabetes.


Easy on:  Gather up the sock in both hands like you would an old fashioned stocking.   Slip in your toes and pull up over the heel.

Easy off:  Pull the top of the sock inside out and down and over the heel with one hand.  Slide your fingers down between the sock and your foot to push the sock over your heel.  Tug the sock off from your toes.


75% Nylon 25% Lycra – Hard Compression – Level 20-30mmhg

  • Power – Intense -Hard compression
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ankle support
  • Softer and stronger heel area
  • Moisture management
  • Boosts performance
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Reduced sense of fatigue
  • Greater muscle sensitivity
  • Prevents swollen legs
  • Injury prevention


Shoe & Calf Size Guide

Small M1 – EU 39-40 – UK 5.5 -7.5 – US 6-8           Calf – 33-37 cm /13-14.6 inches

Medium M2 – EU 42-44 – 8-10.5 – US 8.5-11         Calf – 37-42 cm / 14.6-16.5 inches

Large M3 – EU 45-47 – UK 11-13.5 – US 11.5-14    Calf – 41-46 cm / 16.1-18.1 inches

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Small M1, Medium M2, Large M3

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