Softy Zips pack with buttonhole 16″ – 21″


Softy Zips pack with buttonhole 16″ – 21″

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New Softy Zips, are zips with our popular softy belts! Brand new, you can adjust the belt with Velcro closure. We also have moved the dual zipper up closer to the top on the softy zips. The case that brings a new dimension to insulin pump accessories. Features of this case make it unique and vastly appealing to people in the world of insulin pump therapy, people that carry the omnipod pdm, navigator and dexcom along with people that need to carry epi pens and those who just want to carry their ipod or iphones. The case is done in a black cloth with softy back spandex and softy flannel belt. This case keeps items secure and snug to your body.

Special features: Back button hole that allows insulin pump users to enter tubing from behind the case so that tubing does not show. Softy flannel belt with Velcro closure. Dual zippers allowing you to open the case from either direction. Case expands to hold necessary items yet still retains a sleek look! Be sure to consultant with your medical care provider for proper way to disconnect and feed tubing.

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