Omnipod DASH Supply Case – Reese


Designed exclusively for the Omnipod Dash System.  Key features include:

-Pocket for Dash or PDM

-Contour glucose meter velcros into the bag for easy testing using 3M velcro

-Used Test Strip Trash Can, just slip them through the slot!

-Loops for lancet and test strips

-Mesh pocket for insulin and extra POD

Pretty in Pink! The Reese case features a fun pop of turquoise. Includes a removable wrist strap. Slide your Dash into the nylon pocket. The Contour Next glucose meter velcros into the bag for effortless testing. Stick the velcro patch to the back of your meter and press into the bag.

Slip your used test strips through a the metal eyelet inside the bag and the test strips go into a lined “trash pocket” on the back of the bag. It works like a mail slot. No more test strips falling on the floor! Your friends and family will love this feature! Trash pocket is lined with vinyl so you can easily wipe it clean.

The inside has a loop for test strips and a loop for a lancet. Interior mesh zippered pouch allows storage of  items like extra POD, insulin, lancets, syringes, oral medications with visible ease. There is one more pocket behind the behind the mesh pocket which can hold log books, alcohol swabs, emergency information, or personal items such as credit cards and driver’s license. The functional exterior pocket holds ID cards, photos, mobile, or a Dexcom receiver.

Constructed out of durable polyester, this bag easily wipes clean with a wet cloth.The padded supply bag measures 7 in long X 5 in wide X 1 1/4 in deep.


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