Aquapac 158 — Waterproof Insulin Pump Case


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Most insulin pumps are not waterproof so this case allows the user to bathe swim or paddle with peace of mind. The case comes with full instructions provided! You’ll be able to use all the buttons and features while it’s protected from water, dust, dirt and sand. 

The Aquapac comes with a removable belt, and high-frequency welded seams to form a super-strong bond. 

Please read following information about a study of flow rate of insulin with use of Aquapac:

Aquapac have commissioned research by Imperial College London into the use of the 158 (Insulin Pump case) after receiving a large number of customer enquiries regarding their suitablity for use with insulin pumps. Results show that in some circumstances insulin flow rate can be reduced by the case. In particular Technology and Medicine using a Roche Accu-Check Spirit insulin pump at a temperature of 20C at flow rates of 2U/hr and 10U/hr. The amounts of insulin delivered over 60 minutes observed were as follows:

2U/hr not in a case – 0.0131g (flow rate of 100%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 150 – 0.0106g (flow rate of 81%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 150 – 0.0056g (2nd test model)(flow rate of 42%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 550 – 0.0121g (flow rate 92%)

10U/hr not in case – 0.0864g (flow rate of 100%)
10U/hr in Aquapac 150 – 0.0878g (flow rate of 100%)
10U/hr in Aquapac 550 – 0.0903g (flow rate of 100%)


*This product is eligible for a VAT exemption if ordering for a person with Type 1 Diabetes, please remember to click the exemption at the right of the checkout page*


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