What’s New at Funky Pumpers?

What’s New at Funky Pumpers?


Omnipod Supply Case- Melon and Kiwi
Carry all your daily Omnipod® supplies with ease with this beautifully designed functional case. Designed to carry your PDM, glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, and an extra Pod. Elastic loops for lancet and test strips. 

• Pocket for DASH™ or original PDM
• Includes our exclusive Test Strip Trash Can
• Elastic loops for test strips and lancing device
• Mesh pocket for syringes, alcohol swabs, medications and more
• Pocket made for extra Omnipod® Pod
• Front pocket with velcro closure for cell phone
• Includes detachable wrist strap
• Padded nylon, spot clean
7” W x 5″ H x 2.25” D


We love spooky season..Our lycra pump waist bands come in a range of colours, designs, and sizes. Lycra waist bands offer an alternative way to wear your insulin pump. Contact us if you have specific requirements for your pouch, such as making it bigger to fit your phone in. We are happy to design a custom band for you. You can also contact us if you see a design you like but it isn’t available in the size you require.

Meet our new ambassadors..

Shelly (21)

Diagnosed when I was 4 years old – now 21. I stay in Edinburgh and work full time.
‘Adjusted to life with having type 1 diabetes was hard at first and a lot of planning had to go into everything we did… Diabetes to me has changed all our lives… I am extremely proud of shelly” – Shelley’s dad.

George (6) & Jack (3)

George and Jack were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just 24 hours after each other. 
“We are now 2 years on from diagnosis and still learning – every day. Our lives changed forever but as a family, we are stronger than ever” – Emma, Mum.

Megan (20)

” I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 7 therefore, I have T1 Diabetes for 13 years now. I am currently a Second Year student at University studying Children’s Nursing. My dream goal is to become a diabetic nurse and I have had this goal since I was in secondary school. My own diabetes journey, my diabetic nurses, and meeting other T1 Diabetics have inspired me to progress and become a nurse from a young age.” – Megan

Stephanie (30), Ethan (8) and Harrison (4)

“I have been type 1 since i was 9 years old… My eldest son Ethan is 8 and he was diagnosed when he was 6, 2 years ago. Harrison is 4 and has just started school. He was diagnosed when he was 1 & half.” – Stephanie

Lisa (26)

Uses the Omnipod dash and Libra 2.
“I was first diagnosed at age 2 and a half… now I have been given the opportunity to use pump therapy, my blood glucose is the best they have ever been! – Lisa

Emma (34) 

“I have been diabetic for 21 years now, currently on Omnipod and libre. I love sharing my journey and love to help or educate anyone.” – Emma

We are still completing and raising awareness with JDRF’s 100 challenge!!!
Have a look at a member of our team’s page! Between us, we have been swimming, running, and walking to raise money for type 1 diabetes

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