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Portion your way to a healthier you

Confused about how much bread, rice, potatoes and pasta to eat?

The Carb Spoon makes portion control simple and tailored to you. No need for weighing scales. It can be used to measure cooked and uncooked carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, porridge and potatoes. It also includes a dry spaghetti portioner on the back of the spoon. As well as helping with portion sizes The Carb spoon can be used as a handy measure for foods such as rice, pasta, cereal and potatoes for people who are carbohydrate counting.


With every Carb Spoon you receive a perfectly portioned carbs booklet to help you work out the right amount of carbohydrates for you, as well as a quick guide to get you started and a guide for using the spoon when carbohydrate counting.


What can you use The Carb Spoon for?

  • To measure out raw carbs such as rice, pasta, quinoa and spaghetti.
  • To portion the right amount of breakfast cereal.
  • Serve carbs once they are cooked to portion the right amount.
  • A handy measure for calculating grams of carbohydrate.


What’s in the booklet?

  • A personalised guide to how many spoonfuls of carbs to eat per day and with each meal. There is also a guide for carbs such as bread so whatever carbs you’re eating, you’ll know you’re eating the right amount.
  • How to balance your plate.
  • Information about types of carbs.
  • A short guide to carbohydrate counting


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