Clearance Pump Pouches Extra Wide (16″ – 23″)


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Clearance pump pouches in various designs. Please note that these are already made so no amendments can be made. These are extra wide pump pouches

** SIZING:  To find the size that will fit you correctly, please measure around the part of the body where the waist band will be worn, in INCHES.  For example:  If you measure 28″, the 26″-32″ should be suitable for you. **

Care Information:  Can be hand washed and comes with a 3-month product guarantee.

* This product is eligible for a VAT exemption if ordering for a person with a long term chronic medical condition.  Please remember to enter VAT exempt reasons at checkout.  Please note, if details are not entered, VAT will not be deducted. * See more information regarding the VAT exemption here:

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Frozen, Blue Gingham, Liverpool, Spiderman, Blue Stars, Fortnite, Black School Uniform, Grey School Uniform, Olaf & Elsa (Non-clear screen), The Gruffalo

SKU: 7792 Category: Tags: , , , , , , , ,


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