FLEXtend for TickleFLEX


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FLEXtend is a holder for your insulin pen that works in conjunction with TickleFLEX to enable you to inject into those previously inaccessible parts of your body. By holding FLEXtend rather than the pen, it reverses your grip so that your thumb is now at the needle end, where it cooperates with the natural articulation of your joints.

This is possible because:

Pressing FLEXtend towards your skin causes the pen to slide inwards and depress the insulin delivery button against the blocked end of the tube. The insulin is then ejected as if otherwise done using your thumb.

TickleFLEX needs to be fitted to ensure there is sufficient pressure to operate the button without causing the needle to go in too deep. It also stabilises the pen if out of dextrous or visible reach.

FLEXtend is moulded out of polypropylene, a stiff and low friction plastic that helps the pen slide internally as the button is depressed.

The only effective treatment for lipohypertrophy is to rest the affected area and allow it to heal. FLEXtend can double the body area that can be used for injecting. That halves the load.




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