Panda Pod for Bamboo Charcoal Wipes (with Blotter)

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The solution is PandaPod; a slim, smooth, hard-shell case that holds small round wipes that perfectly match the need without much waste. It is compact enough to fit into the pocket of your zip up glucose meter case. It comes loaded with a stack of wipes/blotters.

It has been designed to be really user friendly. The lids snap shut magnetically, with a protruding lip to lever up. Being magnetic the closing force acts softly over a distance, unlike the usual mechanical clip where the closing force is a sharp snap that is not always easy to open. The end wipe in the stack is neatly presented being half exposed for an easy grip. No fiddling necessary.

PandaPod is double sided

Open the top lid to gain access to tear off wipes that both sanitise the skin before lancing and blot up any residue afterwards.

Open the bottom lid and there is a bin to store the soiled wipe and any used sensor strips.